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"I do the very best I know how - the very best I can; and I mean to keep on doing so until the end"  Abraham Lincoln


Founded in 1991, Micro Action is an Information Technology firm that assists the small and medium enterprise with their business improvement efforts.  In the last 25 years we have succeeded in making major improvements in the way many organizations operate.  We achieve these results by transforming complex tasks into simple ones, by eliminating ineffective tasks and by automating what is best done by a computer.  We then assist companies to implement these solutions by designing the systems, by managing the projects and by teaching the members of the team.


By eliminating nonessential human intervention, we accomplish two very important objectives.  First, we allow the computer to do things that it does better than people (Ex: processing transactions quickly and accurately 24 hours a day).  Second, we free up your most important resource, your work force.  People will then be able to focus their energy on managing exceptions, solving problems, and improving the way things are done.  These are subjects for which computers are ineffective, yet people are very well adapted.  Furthermore, people usually feel most fulfilled when their work requires unique human qualities such as judgment, creativity, and experience; qualities that computers may never possess.


The biggest challenge for companies today is not the redesign of their computer facilities, but the redesign of their business rules and procedures.  For many companies, the first thing they really need is a better way of doing things.  Computers will then play a crucial role in making the implementation of these new processes possible and effective.


Over the years we have published several articles that have appeared in business newspapers.  We have also presented conferences and seminars on a wide array of topics at the provincial, national, and international level.  We have worked extremely hard to build a reputation for excellence.  We are known for our honesty, for our irreproachable ethical standards and for the genuine care we give to our clients.


Even if you give the best paints, the best brushes and the best canvas to an amateur painter, his results will rarely approach the beauty created by a true artist using only the most basic colors and worn-out tools.  Yes, the tools do make a difference, but the true essence of the result will always be determined by the talent, knowledge and passion of the person doing the work.

“It’s not how many you are that counts, it's your ability to deliver results.”

Being a close-knit team brings us significant benefits:

  •   It allows us to reduce communication problems and misunderstandings that often plague larger teams.
  •   We work efficiently together because we understand each team member's qualities as well as his weaknesses.
  •   Each team member possesses a good understanding of the global project.
  •   We trust each other intimately because we have worked together for such a long time.

Senior Consultant

Benoit Doiron, P. Eng.

Owner & Senior Consultant

Lise Robichaud, B.B.A


Areas in which we have distinguished ourselves in the eyes of our clients



We are known for our irreproachable ethics and the fact that we truly look out for our client's best interests.


We are known for our great enthusiasm.  It can be seen in our passion for learning, in our passion for our business, in our passion for computers, in our passion for... well, life in general.


We are known for our creativity, our ability to see the big picture, our ability to simplify the complex, and our ability to transfer our own knowledge to others.


When someone has the power to control systems that run your company, you must have absolute confidence that they know what they’re doing.  We are known for our dedication to life-long learning.  Furthermore, we believe that the rapid rate of technological change places as much importance on the ability and willingness to learn as on the amount of knowledge already accumulated.

All Micro Action team members are experienced professionals.  In existence since 1991, Micro Action and its founding partners can consider themselves veterans in this industry where more happens in one year than happens in 10 years in most other industries.  Since the company’s creation, we have been involved in a variety of projects and technologies.  This gives our clients the benefit of working with a team that has been exposed to a large array of technologies and business situations.  The fact that we are experienced entrepreneurs ourselves is key to our understanding of your business challenges.


One thing that differentiates us from many firms is that all of our projects are both managed and performed by senior staff.  We would never disrespect our clients by having an experienced senior convince them to award us the contract and then send an inexperienced junior to perform the actual work.


Each Micro Action member is fluently bilingual, oral and written.  We can serve our clients in the language of their choice, either French or English.

"The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regarless of their chosen field of endeavour" Vincent Lombardi